Ceramic etc is a company of Limoges born from a passion that has germinated for many years until it becomes an obviousness for its founder, Claude LIMOUSIN.

It is the result of a professional change and my qualifications as a lawyer also serves the craftsman I have become. After a training at the Ecole des Métiers d'Art in Limoges, I took over my sketchbooks to give life to what was only a project.

Today, I have the pleasure to work daily on projects that make me want to practice an art as rigorous as captivating.

The material I have chosen, porcelain, transcribes marvellously by its purity, all the delicacy and patience necessary for my work. Halfway between the artist and the craftsman, I make all my pieces handmade, from the design of the molds to the last cooking.

In addition to original beings, my works are unique, although some are produced in small series. Besides, despite the habit, it is rare that my hands manage to reproduce identically my signature, a hummingbird in full flight.